New products

New products


We make Handmade products with love, that is why our shipments meet a quality guarantee so that you receive your order quickly and safely. Offer a certified shipment that guarantees the security of the package.

Characteristics of the shipments:

You can receive the order in the place of your choice. Domicio, workplace, post office... etc

Our maximum processing time is 1 to 2 business days. From when you place your order until the carrier starts it, it is the time it takes to prepare the package you will receive in the following days

For international shipments, the delivery time is approximately 10 working days. (without taking into account the possible delays that may exist in customs of each country shipments)

How much do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping costs vary according to delivery method, country and region. 

In any case all prices are detailed in the purchase process and before making the payment you can select the one that suits you.

Shipping and delivery information:

When placing the order you will receive a tracking number to locate your package through emails. At all times you will know where your package is, we will also send you a confirmation email when your order is going to leave the warehouse and the carrier will contact you to inform you of the delivery of the order in case you are not at home. 

What should I expect when I receive the order?

A package pampered and taken care of down to the smallest detail, but not only is it beautiful but also functional and very safe. You will receive our shipments in the official mail envelope. When opening that package you will find a box or boxes with your products perfectly placed to avoid breakage or deterioration. In that package will go the products of the order, surprise gifts if appropriate and all the corresponding information.

COUNTRIES TO WHOM WE MAKE SHIPMENTS: Alemania - Andorra - Austria - Bélgica - Croacia - Dinamarca - España - Francia - Gibraltar - Grecia - Irlanda - Italia - Luxemburgo - Países Bajos - Polonia - Portugal - Reino Unido - Suecia - Suiza

Shipping outside the European Union involves customs procedures. The shipping price may increase