New products

New products


Sometimes it is difficult to imagine who are behind certain projects and for that reason we want to present ourselves. It is a oportunity to thank everyone for the trust placed in FIRE & FABLE ... so here we go HELLO #candlelovers! We are Alicia and Sergio, two simple people inside our extravagance that without wanting we end up making candles... candles? Who would have told us! And here we are an editorial designer who loves poetry, along with a full-time part-time DJ and music lover, forming the peculiar FIRE & FABLE team.


We adore travel the world with only a backpack on the shoulder, go concerts and alternate classic movies with series and documentary. So we are clear that if we have to define what is the engine that drives us, we can say that traveling, literature, music and mutual love for these practices, without a doubt.

We have the base camp in Murcia we could say that our home is a homogenous mix of books, Vinyl discs and aromatic candles. An eclectic world of strange things that we have wanted to represent as much as possible in the products that put on every day every affection, dedication and all the heart. We take our personality to the workshop and always try to innovate to trace a bit of us in each product.